Growing up with math, books, and computers from the age of 3, I’ve been hungry for knowledge almost my entire life, and always looking for new things to learn. Although I have degrees in biomedical engineering and computer science, I’ve dabbled in almost everything — photography, design, analysis, creative writing, and information architecture. There’s a good chance that I’ll have some bit of knowledge or insight if something comes up.


Documentation Revamp

Aug 2019 - Dec 2019

I’ve been using Mastodon since November 2016, and reorganized the documentation for the project while also rewriting significant portions of it. Thanks to my work, the documentation was now missing much less information, and it was also easier to make additions in the appropriate place. Skills gained include information architecture and technical writing, as well as familiarity with REST APIs, Ruby on Rails, and the MVC design pattern.

Team Member

Jan 2019 - Present

After making a masterpost of bugs and issues with the initial alpha release of Pixelfed, as well as filing many of them and keeping track of them over time on Github, I was invited to join the Pixelfed organization. Throughout 2019, I turned Pixelfed from a one-person project into a team effort. My responsibilities include issue triage and tagging, setting milestones, and categorizing issues by area and milestone. I also sometimes review PRs, and I have full access to the documentation repo.


namecheap - Certbot manual auth hook for DNS-01 challenge using the NameCheap API, written in Python.
PhotoBucketGrabber - Automate downloading all your photos from PhotoBucket using this Python script.
MastoMods - CSS tweaks and custom themes for Mastodon.
salatime - A web scraping script to print out daily prayer times for Birmingham, AL. - Concert photography side project and portfolio.